More than 50 years of experience

DMG, Diesel-Motoren-Gesellschaft, a limited liability company whi´ch was founded in 1955, is a competent advisor for all issues dealing with diesel engine technology.

    With a staff of 28, the Duisburg-based company, which is certified to ISO 9001, is well on its way to becoming the market leader of application wihtin the field of industrial diesel engine technology. The main focus of the specialists who operate on an international level is europe. Here, DMG looks after oil- and gas-fueld power operations, special underground engineering companies or manufactors of mobile harbour cranes. It supplies wood-shredder companies with drive lines and develops power set for energy markets as well as special drives for special-purpose vehicles. DMG’s objective throughout is to develop a long-lasting and ongoing partnership with its customers.

The main areas are diesel engine drives for:

  • Off highway vehicles
  • Construction equipment, all kinds of surface mining and tunneling equipment
  • Crane constructions
  • Compressor equipment
  • Pump installations (water, concrete)
  • Vehicles and machines for agriculture and forestry
  • Power supply equipmentfor permanent and emergency energy supply
  • Municipal service vehicles

The construction of engines and aggregates is done according to the customer’s wishes and requirement and is either fully prepared for assembly in the customer’S products or as a turnkey container product (power supply equipment, pump installations, compressor equipment among others).

Advantages of the DMG products:

  • high quality
  • reliability and long service life
  • high efficiency
  • low maintenance requirement
  • enviromental friendliness (strict adherence to the appropriate european and amerian standars is maintained)