DMG service offerings

We provide a round-the-clock service for you

Orignial parts MTU/Mercedes-Benz [zu übersetzen]

All parts meet current specifications, quality audits and ongoing revisions to the MTU / Mercedes-Benz engines and are therefore best suited for your engine. To get the best out of your equipment, you should not compromise. The use of non-original replica spare parts poses unnecessary risks. For maximum reliability, performance and uptime, you should choose a name, to which you can trust – original spare parts from MTU / Mercedes-Benz.

Therefore, we attach great importance to the fact that for our entire range of MTU / Mercedes-Benz engines and systems, a variety of original spare parts is always available, inter alia, for classic and new engines from MTU and Mercedes-Benz for off-highway applications.

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Repairs / Maintenance

DMG service offerings include:
  • Factory repairs of Daimler engines
  • Repairs and maintenance with worldwide on-site service
  • Rebuilds and adjustments to already existing equipment
  • Procurement and dispatch of spare parts for Mercedes, MTU and Detroit-Diesel Allison

At DMG, all tasks are handled by highly qualified specialists who, as a rule, have been working for the company for many years and are self-reliant in providing solutions and service for their customers. The Duisburg experts are avaible round the clock for their customers via the 24-hour hotline.

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